App Suite
Behavox Apps generate commercial insights and enhance corporate intelligence.

Clients using the Behavox Platform can download and install the Apps
to identify and measure a growing range of business functions and operations.

This includes:
Client Management
Investments and Issues
Culture and Sentiment
Compliance and Risk
People Performance

The data analytics apps are powered by AI and customized for clients.
Success Intel: Tracks and generates insights about the relationship between advisors and their clients, and the advisors' proximity to the success and ongoing performance of previous advice, such as specific trades and investments.
Issues Intel: Tracks, distils and displays key company issues in the form of a word cloud as an infographic, with prominence and relevance highlighted by size and color.
Relationship Intel: Reveals relative strengths of individual and corporate networks, provides accurate intelligence for customer relationship management and corrects internal misperceptions and biases.
Contact Intel: Authoritative analysis of corporate and personal connections, the type and strength of the relationship, so the business is better informed.
Performance Intel: Provides a measurable and meaningful way of tracking performance and practice so teams and individuals can learn and enhance operations.
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