The Behavox Platform and Apps are designed by leading data scientists, engineers and behavioral scientists to reveal previously unidentified insights.

The Behavox system is adopted and deployed by diverse businesses across various sectors - working in multiple geographies - and facing very different internal and external pressures.

Below we provide an overview of four projects currently in the field.
Corporate Culture and Conduct
Client: Multinational technology company Headquartered in Silicon Valley
To provide details of the behaviors promoting and undermining a positive corporate culture
Identify key behaviors, quantify and track them to create
a transparent tracking system (an internal Cultural Index)
Data translated into two types of feedback:
I.Real-time alerts and daily reports of any danger signals
II.Executive Reports as part of an Index revealing key issues
Performance Management
Client: Prestigious Investment Bank
Headquartered in New York
To generate ongoing insight about the integrity and merit of employee decisions.
To generate reports detailing the ongoing level of attention, awareness and proximity of team members to the merit, value and impact of their decisions.
Actionable insights about the behaviors of teams and individuals that reveal the trends, opportunities and risks resulting from their decision making and management styles.
Risk and Compliance
Client: Large Financial Institution
Headquartered in Singapore
Run a system to identify insider threat. Replace a system that crashes, cannot scale globally and generates too many false positives.
Behavox system reduced false positives 99%, integrated seamlessly and surfaced threats in employee data (structured and unstructured). Scales globally and does not crash.
Real-time alerts and daily reports of any breach
of financial and corporate codes of conduct;
i.) Out of the box Alerts (models) mapped to global regulations; ii.) Case management for collaboration;
iii.) Capability to search across all employee data.
Sales Management
Client: Dynamic Hedge Fund
Headquartered in London
To manage incoming MiFID II regulation (that mandates firms to track all broker interactions to justify payments).
Behavox is a fully automated interaction system that quantifies all broker dealings based on internal records.
Creating a 'Control Panel' with a ranking based on objective measures of added-value, based upon hedge funds' data. With capacity to drill-down to assess individual brokers and pieces of content.
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