The Behavox Platform evaluates and reveals the performance of teams and individuals
by analyzing structured and unstructured data.

We generate insights about the behaviors critical to:

Compliance and Risk
Culture and Conduct
People Performance
Sales and Profit

We believe that if you're not measuring it, you can't improve it.
Behavox delivers the real-time integration of complex and diverse data sources.

Critically the Platform processes and analyzes structured and unstructured data.
The data capture, tagging, cataloging and sorting happens automatically.
Risk and Compliance
The Behavox Platform automates compliance and eliminates risk. AI-powered algorithms reduce false positives and reveal insider risk. Stakeholders are safe in the knowledge that employee misconduct is always identifiable and rogue behavior can be identified early to protect corporate integrity.

The platform ensures that senior management has access to all relevant data. Businesses gain an authoritative record that improves regulatory oversight. In an age of increasing accountability it is critical that employees and managers have access to key data.
Culture and Conduct
The Behavox Platform reveals behaviors that strengthen and threaten a positive corporate culture. Our technology captures and analyzes content in real-time. The reports we generate contain actionable insights.

Building an honest corporate culture, that unites employees, is key to the health and sustainability of any organization. The risk of not identifying and rectifying any negative issues can turn toxic for a company, and be extremely corrosive for morale and corporate reputation.
Perfomance Management
The Behavox Platform generates insights into team and individual behaviors that are making, or losing, money. This includes high and low levels of friction, collaboration and innovation. Our reports provide decision makers with the chance to address strengths and weaknesses across their operations.

As the system is fully automated and data is captured in real-time, teams are not burdened with having to log or re-enter data. So productivity is not reduced, only improved. In the knowledge economy, human capital is the competitive advantage. Investing in people analytics guarantees a positive return on investment (ROI).
Sales Management
The Behavox Platform reveals unique intelligence about sales operations through the analysis of people and sales data.
We quantify and assess the success of different employee behaviors and products by tracking, generating and evaluating data - using powerful AI algorithms.

Behavox data and reports reveal strengths and weaknesses in: client relationships, members of the sales force and a variety of metrics to measure ROI.
Apps and Analytics
Behavox Analytics makes companies smarter, more secure and more successful.

To generate very specific commercial insights, clients use Behavox Applications.

Behavox Apps are a growing suite of products that create competitive advantages through data-mining in diverse and discrete business functions.
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